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Aug 31, 2003

New and Improved (and still underconstruction) my picture website is up and running again! After scoring a copy of some new web design software from my co-worker I decided to try to teach myself something useful and figured re-doing my picture site would be a good project. I hope you like the changes and if you have any problems or if something looks a bit odd in your browser, please e-mail me to let me know.

Almost all the pictures are now in mini-slideshows. You can control the flow of pictures using the slideshow tool bar in the upper right hand corner of each picture. This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, also screen resolution should be 1280 X 1024. If you are at 800 X 600 things might look strange and ugly. Also, you will need Macromedia Flash 6 to view this site, which most of you should have already, but if you don't... you can get it here for free.

What's up with me... Summer is over and after working grueling 14 hour days teaching I'm ready to come home for a vacation. I'll be home September 2nd to the 23rd. I moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend, Brenda, who will also be coming back with me for a little vacation. I posted pictures of the new place on the site as well. I also got a job writing articles for my company's newsletter. You can read up on how that happened and see my writings under the ARTICLES heading on the menu bar.

Thanks for coming and hope you enjoy the site,


P.S. Please send feedback using the send-mail button on the upper right corner.